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World Muslimah

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Eti Suharyani

West Java

Age : 19
Occupation : Student
Alquran Read : Good
Language : English,Indonesia
Height : 160 cm cm
Weight : 50 kg kg
Twitter : @Etisuuu
Facebook : ety_suharyani@yahoo.com


Nurtanio University

Bachelor of economics

Economic Management



1 Muharam 1434 H i started to wear hijab till now and InsyaAllah 'll be forever..first, i feel wonderfull cause Alhamdulillah Allah near with every muslim and muslimah who want to near with Allah..amazingly, my mom really unbelivible im wear hijab. My hijab experience is when i lead my self to near with Allah with Al-Qur'an and Al hadist when hijab is obligation as muslimah "tanpa tapi" ..seriously i feel guilty and really less attention with this obligation. And Finnaly i be conviced our self, really wants to be muslimah who Allah loves for dunya dan akhira insyaAllah.. with Allah,Al Qur'an and al hadist i wants to always learning to more syar'i..not leave my duty and more near with sunnah Rosulullah.. Till now so much wonders and blessing after i wear hijab. I believe Hijab is proof muslimah who loves Allah...


I'm eligible or not muslimah world 2013 insyaAllah this is worth trying , developing our self and train self to become muslimah ..have achivement become 1st Runner up and the most favorite video Nutrifood Front linner awards,meet new inspiring employees from all over Indonesia ,amazingly...and i eligible to become World Muslimah 2013 cause i have talent to become inspiring muslimah ,and the worlds should knows if not just talent, the most important is the loves of Allah and Rasulullah to be a loyal Muslim and insyaAllah with Allah ,Al-qur,an and al hadist i'll always to learning to be truly muslimah .With Allah Everythings is great!


i was a collage student while working.. in the morning im employee and in the night i was student. So, so hard to consist in my sosial activity,but i always spend time for this. My sosial Activity is about education and concern for the environment , cause i think we all need a well-educated man who loves the environment for a better life...in every weekend with my community @HiloBdg we all take action to go green..and in education i spend time to private teaching,and active in activity mosque.. i loves teaching,i loves meet new people,i loves child,and i loves everythings about education..someday 'll be around Indonesia and probably the worlds to teach and more loves the environment. Amin